Funny nude beach experience

naturism-familyThis year onwards I started frequenting nude beaches, and I would like to share the memorable experience of spending one of my very first nude beach days.
Until a few years ago I never would have considered the attendance of the nudist beach, then it just happened. I had many prejudices, which initially have gradually tapering like ice in a glass of water. Like any person who does not know them, I saw these places as if they had been reserved for a certain type of people and there was some sort of access key.
In fact they are places open to all, I do not know if necessarily, but I find that the openness to all visitors is increasing with every year. In my personal experience, I have seen only naturist beaches where people come with families or friends to spend some time feeling real close to Mother Nature. Here, besides the costumes, many definitions fall to the ground to make room for a single term: Naturism. I also attended naturist beaches where the people also accept those who do not practice it.
I’d never been to a nude beach before this summer. But a girl friend of mine Lisa loves this beach and she said I just had to see it and so I agreed to go. I thought that she would opt for the “dressed” part of the beach. Instead she took me to the beach where almost everybody was naked. At first I didn’t dare to take off even the top of my bikini, and Lisa opted for topless for starters.
I thought I would be terribly embarrassed to see naked people. In fact it was not exactly so.
First, I found so to say “interesting” to see so many men suddenly naked when up until then
I had only seen the two boys with whom I had some stories. Definitely a penis without erection
is not the best of aesthetics, however, to stimulate my curiosity… And then there were among the nudist teens of my age, and they did not look half bad!

But the thing that surprised me is this: I thought I would be looked bothered by naked men;
I am a very pretty girl with nice breasts so I turn quite some heads in the streets. And instead did not give me any trouble. Some of the guys looked at me with discretion – perhaps hoping that I would take off my swimsuit – and I noticed that the visuals did not go lost on at least two of them. This sort of reaction was something surprisingly fun and challenging to see. In short, what I thought would be an annoying, proved anything but that.

In that little corner of paradise we went back at other times (consistent with the work commitments of my friend). And we also spent a night there, sleeping in a tent. The next morning, at dawn, I also did something that I did not think I would ever be able.
It was around 6am, Lisa was sleeping while I took a walk to the showers. I saw a naked guy there taking his morning shower. He looked quite nice!

At first I pulled myself straight by saying: “Get your thing done and go away”, so I approached the showers holding that thought. But when I got closer to where he was he greeted me, I reciprocated and we had a good chat with him for solid twenty minutes, while I was trying as hard as I could to look down as little as possible. It was not easy, as my eyes tended to fall always there and saw that he was very “well-hung” and not completely “unperturbed”. I know that may seem like a trivial thing but I never expected that I could never do something like this, knowing me.

In short, the context in which I found myself intrigued me very much. Perhaps because it was sort of a soft way to play with sexuality without falling into sex and vulgarity.

I also started experimenting and found it very nice to sunbathe topless for the sense of freedom that it gave me. Certainly, in this sense the behavior of other people on the nude beach helped a lot. I mean, both those who were there nude and those in the “phase 1” and “phase 2”. Despite some occasional glances, the nudists were all very well bred. Someone would glance at me from time to time, yes, but no one acted like a maniac. It was not very different from the situation in the streets of the city and very reassuring for that matter. I think I am on my way to the “phase 2” of nudism that is sunbathing completely naked, but I also think that it will take some time.

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