When I was growing up, I was looking for reasons for the unhealthy attitude of my people against nudity

I’m American, but lived for over 10 years in Germany. From early childhood I have felt the desire in me to be naked. My parents then had trouble to keep me dressed as an infant. It even happened that I have pulled out of playing with friends just what has led to a riot in the neighborhood. I felt then and still today, more comfortable when I’m naked. As I got older, the desire became stronger, but I lived in a very prudish society that nudity as an attack goes to be located near other people! So I was walking naked only at home, and that’s only if I was alone. I had to be careful that no one even hears of my “perverse” habit.

24237126When I was growing up, I was looking for reasons for the unhealthy attitude of my people against nudity, but the answers were missing, and the desire became stronger. I could understand and can not, as responsible citizens with common sense can put nudity as something perverse. When to dress, but you put yourself in a completely unnatural state.

One evening when I was about 25 years old and still with the U.S. Army, I was sitting in the woods and I was drunk. Suddenly I was holding’s no longer enough. I have put myself on drinking, and walked around a bit in the forest. It felt so good! Suddenly I found myself next to a road and stopped just there, while the cars drove past me. But with what happened next, I did not expect. Suddenly police cars come from both directions! They came with tires screeching to a halt and 8 or 10 officers were jumping out of cars. I ran naked through the woods and ran after me. For about half an hour, they chased me through the forest until they caught me. Then they arrested me, a blanket wrapped around me and took me to jail! A few hours later my boss came from the army and went to pick me. I was demoted as punishment by the army by two ranks. The story spread, of course, to all in the barracks knew it, and I was teased, was until my service in the army in 1987 to the end.

Four years later I moved to Germany and took a job as a truck driver. It was not long until I began to notice that the better the attitude of the Germans to some nudity than that of the Americans. Everywhere where I went, I found lakes where you can swim naked, and I took advantage of every opportunity. I could also find that there are many people here who think like me. I could feel that something is wrong with me, save me, and confess to a large family: the family of nudists.

Yes, I am heartily Nudist, and I stand by it. I live in Heidelberg and make no secret among my friends that I’d rather be naked. Unfortunately I have not found any other nudists, but that will change over time determined.